What is International Elephants?

Research.  Community.  Conservation.

We believe in building relationships with communities located in areas of high conservation focus. These relationships offer support for local initiatives in biodiversity preservation and community-based conservation.

By engaging these communities in biological and social science research, we hope to add to the body of knowledge about pachyderms and other animals who share their habitats.

What is Anthrozoology, anyway?

Anthrozoology is a field which has been actively inventing and reinventing itself for the last several decades. What started as a way for scientists to examine human interactions with other species, especially with regard to pet-human relationships, has evolved into an interdisciplinary field. Anthrozoology incorporates anthropology, zoology, veterinary medicine, history, philosophy, political science, ecology, statistics and even law. Anthrozoologists study human-wildlife conflict, conservation, animals in assistance positions, the impacts of pets on health, and much more.

For more information on anthrozoology, visit this link or the International Society for Anthrozoology website here.